Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In a Pamper Craze (2 Weeks Spending)

Since I haven't posted last weeks spending yet and I'm done shopping for this week I thought I would post both weeks at the same time. They aren't necessarily in the order that I bought them.

And let's just say that our baby will have a very dry and clean behind. With all the great deals on Pampers and Huggies this week I stocked up. I also have a couple of baby gifts that I wanted to give and thought I would add a pack of pampers to what I already purchased.

CVS - (Baby - $13.59)
After the ECB these pampers were $4.00 a bag. With tax it came to $13.59. The mouthwash and toothpaste were FREE. One of them was actually a $1.00 moneymaker

Walmart - (Groceries $5.23)
(Home Care $4.04)
It's a noodle bonanza!!!! :) 23 bags of noodles are WAY more then we need. I gave 15 bags to my mom. In exchange, she gave me 1 quart of french dressing, 5 lbs of sweet potatoes and 1 fresh pineapple. Guess it's called bartering. The total of what I paid for the noodles are included in the Giant Eagle total below.

Giant Eagle - (Groceries 39.28)
Most of my expense was in the hamburger and the butter. I had $7.12 worth of butter and $24.35 in hamburger.
Rite Aid - (Baby $1.65)
The Organix shampoo & conditioner is B1G1 this week. They also have a tag on them that states you can try it for free so after I get my rebate money back they will both be free. Can't wait to try this shampoo and conditioner. Looks awesome!
Giant Eagle - (Groceries $25.24)
The ham was $18.42 so that was the bulk of the cost. My favorite purchases this week:
10lbs of flour for $1.00
Semi-boneless ham for $.99 a lb
Cream Cheese for less then $.60 a box
(Joe and I are going on a little get away this weekend. Some people call it a baby moon. :) My parents are watching the kids. I am planning on sending a bunch of food along down. With the many mouths my mom has to feed she always welcomes food. The cinnamon rolls and biscuits are a few of the things that are headed that way.)
Walmart - (Groceries $10.50)
ALWAYS double check your grocery receipts. At any store. I have made it a habit and it is amazing how many times I am overcharged for an item. I have found customer service reps to be AWESOME 95% of the time. I try to be very polite. Today I had a B1G1 coupon for soy sauce. I saw her mark it but when I looked at my receipt I was charged for both of them. I collected my $1.42 from customer service and then the kids and I took the money and put it in one of those fun round things that goes to a Children's Hospital. $1.42 really isn't a big deal but just in today's shopping I saved $6.42 by checking my receipts and visiting customer service. It all adds up.)
Rite Aid - (Baby $1.65)
This transaction was the same as the earlier one except I got some FREE candy to go along with the shampoo and conditioner. The rebate on the shampoo and conditioner is one per household. I gave this one to a friend who I thought could benefit from it and she is applying for the rebate. I wanted the Huggies.
With the coupon these were actually a $1.50 moneymaker
Target -(Home Care $3.59)
Rite Aid - (Groceries $2.29)
(Baby $5.52)
Like I said earlier, our baby should have a nice and clean behind. :)

Other expenses not pictured:

Aunt Wilma's fresh brown eggs - (Groceries $4.00)
Rite Aid - (Groceries $2.29) (Home Care $ 1.05)
Marathon - Sunday Papers (Groceries $3.25) (Home Care $3.25)

Totals for 2 weeks

Baby - $22.41
(6 bags of pampers, 2 wipes and Desitin.... Yeah!)
Groceries - $92.08
(I am finding myself stocked to the gills. I am thinking next month may be a low key shopping month while I use up some of the stuff I've stocked up on.)
Home Care - $11.93

March totals (4 weeks)

Baby - $22.41
Groceries - $182.00
Home Care - $41.16

Although posting my spending has been a bit time consuming I have found it to be really good for me. To sit down, analyze what I'm buying, how much I'm spending and what I'm spending it on.

What does your grocery budget look like?
How much do you spend?
What items do you buy? Etc......


  1. I am so loving the cheap pampers!!! Did you see that there's a good deal next week at CVS on Huggies? I can't wait!! Good idea on doing the organix shampoo/huggies deal twice at RA and giving the shampoo to a friend. I hoping to swing by RA again this week and get a raincheck for the Huggies. Our RA does such a poor job in keeping stuff stocked. How does yours do?

  2. I have only read 2 posts down your page, but I don't get it. How can you pay so little for all this stuff? Do you watch sales and shop every couple days at different stores?

    Our grocery budget is $400-$500/month (depends if we host alot or not) :) and I think that's pretty good. A relative spends the same amount for a family of 4 and we're a family of 7 1/2. We shop Sam's Club and then the local Safeway for weekly items, like produce. In the summertime, we can use the road side stands instead of Safeway and get by with less $$.

    I'd love to hear your helpful hints. :)