Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weekly Spending

In the interest of keeping myself accountable in my spending habits and for those of you who have asked what my weekly spending looks like. Here's an attempt at showing you. I think over a months time you will have a more accurate picture of how I attempt to do things. I'm learning as I go.
I have 3 separate categories: Groceries, Home Care and Baby.
Groceries = Food
Home Care = Personal Care Products, Laundry Detergent, Styrofoam Plates, Etc.
Baby = Recently started fund to purchase pampers at great prices instead of waiting till we need them.
This weeks shopping was a bit abnormal. On Monday evening the kids and I hitched a ride to Wooster with Joe. While he took his guitar lesson we went to CVS and Rite Aid. After his lesson we stopped at Kohls and Walmart.
On Wednesday I had to take the car to Massillon for an oil change. So I stopped at Walgreens, Giant Eagle, Walmart and Kmart.
I am not a big advocate of driving all over creation for deals but I like to have lists made in case my errand destination coincides with a store that I like I can make a little pit stop.
Walgreens - $1.00 (Groceries)

Kmart - $9.04 (Home Care)
-216 loads worth of detergent @ $9.04 = $.04 a load
Walmart - $5.66 (Groceries)
-Milk was marked $3.38 a gallon. Priced matched it with Fishers and got it for $1.77 a gallon.

Giant Eagle - $16.21 (Groceries)
-My husband and brother LOVE Wheaties Fuel. I was able to get 5 boxes for $5.00. You may think that buying a bunch of Gatorade isn't that budget friendly. I have found it is for our family. Joe used to run to the gas station down the road before many hockey, softball or volleyball games and get Gatorade at the gas station price. Last year I bought 30 bottles of Powerade at a great price and it lasted till now. So I got 10 this week and got a rain check for 20 more. We should be set for another year. :)
Rite Aid - ($3.50 Groceries & $.74 Home Care)

Walmart - ($14.24 Groceries)
Marathon - ($3.25 Groceries)
~some weeks the Sunday paper expense gets taken out of the grocery budget and some weeks it gets taken out of the home care budget
Weekly Total
Groceries - $43.86
Home Care - $9.78

(Side Note: Last month I did some serious stocking up on bonesless, skinless chicken breast while it was on sale and went over my grocery budget just a bit. I'm going to try and keep it around $50.00 a week but I'm also placing my garden order from Henry Fields and think that should probably come out of my grocery budget too. Hopefully the garden will pay me back this summer. :) I'm also planning on buying an apple tree. Yeah~!~ :) Wish me luck! )


  1. I'm curious why you didn't get the purex at Walgreens? I also got some Starbucks drinks at Wags but am so glad I only got a couple because now I can use the rest of my coupons at K-Mart doubles and I'll be getting a bigger bottle. Can't wait.

  2. Walgreens was out of the Purex and it's not worth driving up there again later in the week. The coupons expire this weekend. Plus, our Walgreens around here has horrible customer service and they never seem to have a clue as to what is going on. Grrrr.... As for the Starbucks drinks- I got them on Wednesday and when I got home I saw the Kmart doubles thing. :( It's ok though because I'm sure I will have 5 other things I would rather purchase with my doubles coupons. The last time they did the promotion that were pretty strict about sticking to the guidelines. We shall see.

  3. That's a bummer about being out of the Purex. Newark has 2 Wags and the first one I stopped at was out of the Purex liquid. Luckily the 2nd Wags still had Purex liquid.

    I'm hoping our K-Mart won't get strict about the coupon limit rule.

  4. I have a question for you, is Walgreens a better place to shop than CVS? Do they have a better rewards program or are they similar? The closest Walgreens to me is Coshocton and I would rather go to Wooster to do my shopping and they only have a CVS not a Walgreens. Just wondered what your opinion is:)

  5. Heidi-I prefer CVS over Walgreens. The Extra Care Bucks that you earn at CVS are good for a month. The Register Rewards from Walgreens expire in 2 weeks. The RR also get a bit confusing. For example: If you buy a proctor and gamble product that produces a RR you don't want to use that on another P&G product that you intend to get a RR from. It won't print a RR if it was from the same manufacturer. I love CVS and Rite Aid. Both do well at giving out rainchecks. I've always had great customer service at the CVS in Wooster too. Let me know if this doesn't make sense. :)