Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun and Free

In my little world, free is fun. And I wanted to share a little of my free fun with you. :)
(I got this idea from a coupon/savings mentor of mine. I got to know her through her blog and she posted her free items every week. She isn't going to be doing that anymore but I thought I might steal/borrow the idea from her. You can check out Rachel's blog HERE. I've garnered a lot of great information through her blog.)
Here's last weeks freebies that came in the mail. I think I got a few from CVS or Rite Aid that didn't make it on the list.
1. Busy Moms Bible - what an awesome freebie!
I was a little skeptical when I signed up for this one? Who gives away a Bible that retails for $24.99. I did agree to write a paragraph in review of this product. It's a pretty neat and I've been enjoying it already.

2. A huge mound of 'free' vegetables and rice.
These are the same vegetables that I blogged about earlier. I had to get a rain check for 30 of the 40 and last week I was able to get them. Yeah! If I remember correctly I would have paid $.14 per coupon but it's close enough to free to enter into the freebie category.

3. A sample of Kashi cereal from Vocal Point.
It may not look like that much but it came with a coupon for a FREE full size box of Kashi cereal as well as 4 other $1.50 off coupons.
Oftentimes the coupons that come with the samples are the best part of the package.

4. Corduroy - Matthews book of the month from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.
This is a really neat program that the kids have been part of for almost 2 years now. Every month they get a book mailed to them. It's for kids age 5 and under, I believe. We've gotten some really neat books through this program. (I think there have been 2 books that have entered the garbage because mom (me) didn't think they were good. You may want to check and see if there is a sponsor in your area. If so, this program is available to you and your kids.

Well, guess this wraps up my 'fun' for one evening. :)


  1. I love getting stuff from vocalpoint. Always a nice surprise! I tried to sign up for the busy moms bible but whenever I hit submit I got a page that said the server was busy so I don't think my request went through. That's an awesome freebie!

  2. Corduroy!! I love that book. Great freebies you got, isn't it fun!?