Saturday, February 27, 2010

A New Toy in My Kitchen

New Toys. Oh what fun. I could spend a lot of money buying gadgets and fun stuff for my kitchen. I try to control myself. :)
My family loves quesadillas. Chicken quesadillas. Salmon quesadillas. Breakfast/brunch quesadillas. The options are endless.
The last time I made quesadillas Joe and I got to talking about how much better they would be if I had a quesadilla maker or a toaster oven. I guess I was looking to get more of a restaurant style quesadilla.
Last week I spotted a deal at Kohls online that was a must have. A quesadilla maker. Woo-hoo. I just got it and haven't had the chance to use it yet but I'll be sure to share the results when I do.
Here's the link. The regular price is $39.99 (and we all know how inflated regular retail prices are) but I was able to get it with shipping for a total of $8.59. Not sure why they had them priced so low that week because it looks like they still have them in stock and they are now priced at $35.99.
I'm quite excited to try my new quesadilla maker. Help me from having to learn from trial and error.
What do you put in your quesadillas?
What killer recipe have you come up with?
What are the secrets to making top notch quesadillas?


  1. Wow Heather! That is amazing! How in the world??? Great job. :)

  2. i have one of those and use it often. i like to saute onion and pepper and some cooked chicken, sprinkle with cumin and garlic powder. then put it in tortilla and cover w/ mexican cheese and then into the quesadilla maker. mine was a gift but i am pretty sure they paid more than $8 for it. :)

  3. Oh you should have been at my garage sale last summer! I had one that I had used once so it was still brand new, I think I marked it $5. But you still got a great deal! I just never used mine and it was taking up space... so it had to go:) We just don't eat a lot of quesadillas around here, not sure why?

  4. Marla, that sounds delicious! On Sunday we had grilled chicken breast for my moms birthday party and I'm thinking the leftover chicken will make tasty quesadillas tomorrow night. Can't wait. :)

  5. Heidi- maybe mine will end up going the way of the garage sale too. Hope not but we'll see. You're making me dream of garage saling..... Love finding great garage sale deals!