Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rite Aid - Going for the Gold

‘Going for the Gold’ is the program that Rite Aid has right now in partnership with Proctor & Gamble. If you spend $100.00 in P&G products they send you a $35.00 VISA Card. The best part is the $100.00 total is calculated pre-coupon and rebate. This is the biggest couponing challenging I’ve taken on and wanted to see how I actually did. Here are the figures. I was thrilled to realize what my total was OOP (out of pocket.)

Items Purchased
1-Duracell AA Batteries (20 count) 11.99
1-Duracell C Batteries (8 count) 11.99
3-Tide (26 Load) 17.98
1-Crest Toothpaste (6oz) 2.99
2-Olay Quench Lotion 14.98
2-Cascade Dishwasher Soap (Powder) 5.98
1-Swiffer Starter Kit 9.99
1-Swiffer Refills (12 count) 4.99
1-Tide (100 oz) 10.99
1-Pampers (Jumbo Pack) 8.99
1-Pampers Wipes 2.49
Total “Spent” 103.36

Coupons & Rebates
2-Duracell Battery In-Ad Coupon 6.00
2-Duracell Coupons (P&G) 2.00
1-Crest (Single Check Rebate) 2.99
2-Tide Coupons (P&G) 2.00
2-Olay Rebates 14.98
2-Olay Coupons (P&G) 4.00
1-Swiffer Refill Coupon 4.99
1-Pampers Coupon 2.00
1-Pampers (Single Check Rebate) 2.00
1-Pampers Wipes Coupon 0.50
1-Tide Coupon 0.35
5-Video Value Coupons 25.00
Total “Saved” 66.81

Total “Spent” 103.36
Total “Saved” - 66.81
VISA Card -35.00
GRAND TOTAL (OOP) $1.55 !!!

I'm speechless.
This has been way too much fun.
Did you participate in the 'Going for the Gold?'
Have you been playing their 'Life' game?

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  1. Way to go Heather!!! I keep thinking I've got to start going to Rite Aid again but haven't gotten there. Love your new blog!!!