Friday, March 12, 2010

This Weeks Spending

Paypal - (10.41 Groceries)
Do you think it looks like our thirst may be quenched? :) I was able to use my raincheck this week and finish my annual stock up project on Gatorade. The Gatorade was free after coupon plus I got a $4.00 Catalina to use towards next weeks groceries. As you can see I did spend 10.41 on the coupons. If you figure in the coupon price as well as the Catalinas I paid $.32 each.

Giant Eagle - ($2.97 Home Care)
($16.66 Groceries)

CVS - ($.81 Home Care)
Big spender, eh? There were a few other items that I wanted but had to settle for rainchecks. Joe is always happy when I can get another razor to add to his collection. Cheap disposable razors are NOT for this family.....

Aldi - ($8.94 Groceries)
What a fun picture. :) I'm sure you've always wanted to see a bunch of lettuce, some broccoli and some cheese. This was the third store that I checked and couldn't get romaine lettuce. Must be a shortage out there..... Guess all my friends at church carry in will get to eat iceberg lettuce this time.

Rite Aid - (10.92 Home Care)
I was quite excited to get this shampoo. I've heard it's really good and it was a money maker. After my single check rebate I made a dollar on it. It pained me to pay $10.00 for the White Strips but they never end up being free. Guess I should be happy. The original price on them was $44.99. Who really pays the actual sticker price at drug stores?????????
Target - (FREE!)
I didn't actually walk out of the store with a balance of $0.00. I helped Hannah pick out a birthday gift for one of her friends and we paid for the gift along with getting these free items.

Buehlers - ($10.05 Groceries)
Purchased last week after I had posted my spending so it gets added into this weeks. Let's just say I should have purchased 5 bags of those tomatoes. They were AWESOME! They were almost as good as eating candy. I know- I sound like I've lost a few marbles but they really were THAT good. Pregnant women and their taste buds.....

Marathon - ($4.75 Home Care)
I bought 3 Sunday papers this week because there were a lot of coupons that I thought I could use down the road. I'm still trying to figure out a way to get more coupon inserts without having to pay for them. If anyone out there is tossing their inserts, please send them my way!

Weekly Total
Groceries - $46.06
Home Care - $19.45


  1. I'm so jealous of your Gatorade!! :) Myabe I should have bought some coupons....I just wasn't in the mood to pay so much. I wish I could figure out a way to get more coupon inserta for free!!

  2. Well ladies we could always go dumpster diving in the recycling bins. :)
    Great job! I am also jealous of the Gatorade!