Monday, March 15, 2010

Honest Frugality

As much as I enjoy saving a dollar here and there I have found there are times that I need to say "no". There are certain sites and certain people that seem to promote trying to get away with as MUCH as possible. Like using coupons on products that they were not at all intended to be used for. Or if a coupon is very specific in it's listing and people try to use it for a different item then what is listed. My intent is to be frugal AND honest.

Now here's a bit of a different twist. I would love to have feedback from my friends to get as many opinions as possible.

I have received a few offers. One from Target and one from Babies R Us. Both of them are offering a $20 or $25 gift card when signing up for a baby registry. They do not have specific requirements listed. I could easily sign up for a baby registry, enter a few things and get a gift card. Here's the thing: I really would not be planning on using the registry at all.

In your mind, is this
ok since it doesn't list specifics OR do you feel like this is taking advantage of the system???


  1. This is a tough one Heather. I don't know what I'd do. They could make it tougher to get the gift card by requiring that at least 5 of the items on the registery be bought before they'll give you your gift card and they don't do that. I'd love to hear what others will say!

  2. What if you would e-mail them and ask if you can still get the gift card if you make a registry and it doesn't get used. They might hope you will change your mind when you see all the lovely things they offer!! if they say yes, you could add things you like to the list and get your gift card.
    It never hurts to ask, but it does hurt to feel guilty. :)
    I would say there's a good chance that they would say yes. (Marketing you know.....) ;)

  3. If you're pregnant and having a baby I would go ahead and do it - your friends and family can always check it and see what you need, but if they don't use it so what. Different story if you're not pregnant and have to lie about it.